Revo brings the in-store buying experience online

Brands create a showroom experience to try-on products and customers interact with experts in real-time.

Available now on all platforms

Revo for Creators

Start a live sales channel and start getting paid in a few clicks

Select products to feature

Choose from our catalogue of products or upload your own

Use Revo Studio and go Live

Meet the customers anywhere they are in a digital personal shopper experience

Get paid

For every sale you get paid directly to your bank account

Revo for Brands

Bring your own team to create live shows or give access Revo creators

Catalogue sync

Keep your products up to date and make them available on Revo

Creator community

Bring your in-house sales associates or connect with Revo Creators

In-stream checkout

Boost your live sales using our Checkout optimized for conversions and sales

Revo Marketplace

Consumers receive special deals and exclusive products

Virtual try-on

Allow customers to try-on products virtually - reducing returns and increasing satisfaction

Highlight products

Prompt your users to purchase the most trending product by highlighting it during the event

Discounts and flash sales

Create discounts and flash sales for products exclusively during your event

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