Revo for Brands

Open a new Live sales channel in 1-click

Revo is built for speed and flexibility

Broadcast with One-to-Many

Interact with thousands of customers through interactive, shoppable live broadcasts on your website.

Connect with One-to-One

Meet the customers anywhere they are in a digital personal shopper experience.

Social streaming with 1-click

Broadcast directly to YouTube, Facebook and more — all at the same time.

Revo makes live streaming easy

All-in-one Studio

Revo's broadcasting and moderation app gives you complete control over your events. Create an event and go live in seconds.

Multiple on-screen participants

Bring on customers or celebrities to your live event for authentic testimonials. We offer up to 12 participants at once.

Customer access on every platform

Stream your live shopping event on desktop and mobile sites, as well as on our iOS and Android apps.

Real-time analytics

Improve the overall performance of your live events by accessing real-time data. Gather insights and create action items to improve your event.

Increase sales and engage your customers

In-stream checkout

Boost your Live sales using our Checkout optimized for conversions and sales.

Highlight products

Prompt your users to purchase the most trending product by highlighting it during the event.

Discounts and flash sales

Curate Flash sales, promote products by providing Discounts, BOGO and other offers.

Virtual try-on

Increase the purchase intent of your customer by allowing them to try-on the product virtually.

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Easy to use
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Integrate seamlessly into your cart and payments

Shopify 1-click install

Revo is fully integrated with Shopify. Seamlessly sync your products, orders and payments from Shopify.

Shopping cart integrations

Manage products and orders seamlessly from any shop system with more than 48 major shop platforms integrated.

Embedded payments

We offer fully integrated in-event Checkout. Choose from over 100 supported payment providers or start with us as your preferred partner.

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